Wrecker Services Indianapolis | Quick and Easy Towing Assistance for Wrecked Vehicles

Are you stuck somewhere in Indianapolis and are in dire need of roadside assistance? Do you need a a motorcylce tow or two? Well, look no further as we at Wrecker Services Indianapolis has got you covered, no matter the time or place. Just give us a call, and we’ll get to you in no time.


Why Wrecker Services Indianapolis?

We at Wrecker Services Indianapolis brand ourselves as the best towing assistance and wrecking Service Company that the state can provide. There are dozens of other businesses out there that share our passion and interest. But there is no other brand and body that can best our high-quality personnel training, excellent service, and state-of-the-art equipment. We can get the job done for you as soon as possible and provide a service like no other. You do not need to look for another enterprise any longer once you get a shot at our services.


Towing And Recovery

A roadway accident in your area? We can handle it professionally without messing up your schedule. Our top-class experts train daily to ensure the best service once they get into the business. They will also establish a perimeter for a site’s safety during an operation.

Some of the incidents that we can handle are:

  • Automobile breakdowns
  • Automobile collisions (this includes accidents with objects, animals such as livestock and small critters, and pedestrians)
  • Single automobile crashes
  • Cargo mishap on roadways
  • And other road and trail way incidents


Our recovery part of the job is top-notch and state-approved. We will take care of your trouble no matter what it is – from the smallest misfortune such as a dead battery, a flat out tire, to something as dangerous as a rush-hour roadside pull.

Recoveries are what make up most of the tasks here at Wrecker Services Indianapolis, and we are proud to say that our employees do not take their jobs for granted and can assist you wherever you may be, twenty-four seven.


Our Towing Services

We are capable of towing all sorts of vehicles – motorcycles, trucks, pickups, sports-utility vehicles, and any other kind of automobile. No job is too small or too big for us here at the company. 

Our company has every kind of tool and equipment that can get the job done, and we update our materials almost every month. We ensure that our instruments get a refinement most of the time so that they can function well and orderly when the time comes.

Our line of trucks and towing vehicles also is complete with the newest towing and recovering parts and rigs to keep customers satisfied with our work.


Now Let’s Get Into Costs

Our towing and recovery services are the best, but this does not mean that you have to pay tons of cash once we lend you a hand. That is not how we operate here at Wrecker Services Indianapolis.

We will give you a detailed overview of the charges you may have to cover, and we will also entertain your inquiries or issues regarding payments and other related matters.

You may request a written document of a job’s charges and estimates, and we will be more than happy to oblige. This aspect is to ensure that no hidden fees are present. And everything is done with no violation of the laws and regulations of the state.


All About Our Crew

Quality service does not come easy and quick, and that is why we train our employees on a regular basis for them to be efficient and capable when it comes down to getting a task or two done. Not only are they excellent individuals, but they are also courteous and will cater to your needs with a smile.

Our team also consists of professionals with years of experience and knowledge who can share what they know with the new hires and seasoned members.


Your Vehicle Is In Good Hands

After an initial recovery or tow, you do not have to worry about your car, truck, or bike sustaining any further damage at all if it has any. Our storage facilities are neat and free from clutter, spacious, and can accommodate multiple transportation machines at any time.

Our personnel will guarantee that not a single strand of hair touches your wheels and leave the other things inside as they are. Surveillance cameras are all around our storage areas as an addition to the security of your automobile. 


More Than Just Your Average Company

We here at the company pride ourselves on the best towing and recovery services in the Indianapolis area, but it does not end there. 

We are partners with several agencies that require towing and recovery services. If you have the need to bring your vehicle to a mechanic, we can also direct you to our partners in the area. We can also help you get there!

We also publicize our methods, products, and services fair and square with local enterprises and maintain a healthy relationship with them. You can ask around about us, and you will not be disappointed at all. 


Get In Touch With Us Now!

      You can contact us today with a call @ (463)200-7240 or visit our website if you wish to learn more about how we operate, find out about our equipment and instruments for towing, assistance, and recovery, or simply want to discuss anything related to our field of expertise. We will not hesitate to welcome you and answer your questions as we here at Wrecker Services Indianapolis stand behind our writing and vision and uphold the best service and customer satisfaction.