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man-calling-for-roadside-assistanceGetting stuck in the middle of the road is perhaps one of the worst-case scenarios to encounter, especially for car owners, whether you are on the way to an urgent meeting or catching up on a date. Flat tires, sputtered engine, dead battery, gas shortage, or overheating when these car troubles happen to you, a reliable roadside assistance service is undoubtedly needed.

Here at Towing Company Indianoplis, we are always on the go. We offer round-the-clock roadside assistance whichever part of Indianapolis roadside you are. With over 15 years of background and expertise in providing excellent roadside assistance featuring a crew of highly-trained and licensed technicians, we are ready to take on your requests. We have all the latest equipment to mend diverse car or motor types, trademarks, and models. 

We are a locally operated company that has rung a name for our fast, reliable, efficient, and budget-friendly roadside assistance services. Give us a call at (463) 200-7240 and experience only the best!

What Covers Our Indianapolis Roadside Assistance Services?

ABZ Towing Co. is bound to fulfilling quick roadside assistance and timeless customer satisfaction. We give our maximum efforts to fix mechanical repairs and adjustments in a jiff and make your automobile drivable again. Here are the most demanded services we provide to our clients throughout Indianapolis, Indiana.

Vehicle Towing

It is essential to consider the best company when it comes to towing, especially long-distance travel. We offer the safest and most reliable towing service that will give you self-assurance knowing that your vehicle is transported safe and sound, and will arrive at its destination on time.


When your automobile is not starting up, there is probably wrong with the car battery. If so, you can trust ABZ Towing Co. to aid you. Our roadside assistance service includes fast jump start service allowing you to get back on the road shortly after. Some autoists prefer to resolve the inconvenience by waiting for passing drivers for help. But for your safety, we encourage you to call professional guidance instead.

Fuel Delivery

Some motorists fail to check their gas tanks before hitting the road. As a result, they end up stuck in the middle of the highway. Very unpopular yet somehow happen to drivers. Assistance will be on its way by just directly sending us your location. Your fuel will arrive swiftly.

Wheel Replacement

Flat tire encounter also happens frequently. You may have a spare wheel, but you do not have the means and ability to fix it. Let our tire experts handle it; tire changes should be easy. They will also show the fundamentals of tire change as they go on.

Locksmith Service

For whatever reasons why you got locked out from your auto, you can count on us to unlock it for you. Either you lost, forgotten, or unconsciously left your keys inside your car, our skilled technicians equipped to handle this type of problem without breaking your windows.

Extrication Service

There is no need for you to worry if your car got stuck in the mud, sand, or snow. Because we also offer winch-out service that can uproot your vehicle out cautiously. We have the latest towing vehicle equipped with relevant tools and equipment to pull out your stuck vehicle without causing any deterioration.

Contact Us

Our company operates 24/7 for roadside assistance service in Indianapolis. Whether you have a flat tire or need backup fuel, we are always in full swing. We also rescue trucks, minivans, and other types of vehicles along Indianapolis roadside. Demonstration on how to perform tire changes and jumpstarts are inclusive. Call us at (463) 200-7240 now and we’ll be right there for you!