Pros And Cons Of Roadside Assistance: All You Need To Know


As a vehicle owner, you must be aware of certain coverages that have to do with your safety and that of your car in a vehicular breakdown. For this post, we’ll be zeroing in on roadside assistance. 

Below are its advantages and disadvantages, as well as other FAQs to find out if roadside assistance Indianapolis is something you need or not.


Roadside Assitance Pros

24/7 Support 

No matter where you are, and no matter the time of day, having roadside assistance coverage means that you’ll have access to car support ASAP. And this isn’t an exaggeration. Most, if not all, insurers make sure that this is part of the clause of your terms and conditions before signing up for the said coverage. They usually have access to contacts that can get to you as soon as possible. 

A Variety Of Car Trouble Services

Whether you have a flat tire and are in desperate need of changing it immediately, maybe your car needs to be towed, or perhaps you’ve run out of fuel and want it delivered to you, all these you can avail of from the same service provider or car insurer. 


This means you’ll have less time wasted contacting several agencies that offer these services separately. It’s something that you’ll find much more helpful than you know. When you’re stuck on a busy highway, or are stuck on one that’s barren and miles away from the nearest car mechanic, this will be a lifesaver much more than you can imagine. 

Roadside Assitance Cons

Limited To Car Coverage 

In most cases, roadside assistance plans are focused only on the vehicle itself. You, as the driver, aren’t part of the coverage. As a result, if you incur injuries during the mishap, none of that will be paid for by your car insurer. It sounds a bit grim, but that’s the reality of the situation. 

You’re going to have to purchase a different type of insurance plan for yourself or the vehicle’s driver. When you come to think of it, you’ll end up paying for separate insurances at the same time. 

Heftier Costs 

There are some who claim that paying for roadside assistance is much heavier on the wallet than regular car insurance. And in the end, they don’t really get to maximize their benefits. You pay more, but unless you find yourself in the middle of some car breakdown, you won’t precisely be reaping the benefits of what you pay for. 

Your Conclusion

 The decision will be up to you. If you’re always behind the wheel and on the road for work or daily commutes, weigh your options. If spending a little bit more on roadside assistance coverage is something that you believe will benefit you in the long-run, by all means, go for it.

And if the convenience of acquiring car assistance is your aim, consider this package all the more. 

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