How Much does Roadside Assistance Cost?

Lady stuck on the road

Stuck on the road with no one else with you is something you avoid happening. If your car broke down in the middle of the highway, who will come for your help? If you drove and got stranded in the middle of nowhere, who are you going to call? A team of roadside assistance comes to your rescue. Knowing that there are people after your safety is a great relief.

However, few people realize that this service is on their way if only they will get to call them. Or, most motorists rely on help from friends or relatives to come to their rescue. It is free, after all. The cost of a roadside service is least known to many. A number only really bothers to find out and see if this is an excellent service they need.

So now the question of how much roadside assistance would cost? Will you be prepared and ready to get them on your way? What if, during a car break down, you forgot to bring in some funds?

This article is your guide, so hop in and read until the end.

What is roadside assistance, and why should I pay for it?

First thing first – what is roadside assistance? These are a set of services provided by towing companies usually. They help stranded individuals with their vehicles and offer various types of support for correlated trouble.

Common roadside problems are flat tire, engine failure, fuel consumption, and roadside accidents.


Cost According to the type of Assistance

Here are three primary types of road assistance to consider: (1) membership, (2) insurance coverage, & (3) pay per use. If you think that roadside assistance comes when you are in trouble, then here what to know. To get the most of the service and be worthy of what you will pay for, you can set your assistance program or plan. 

A set of programs can start from as low as 34$ to $100 in a year. There are tons of benefits that a roadside service plan can give you. 

In the event of an engine failure or an accident on the road plan covers the following that can be available for you in a year:

  • Towing for miles if your car got stranded
  • Car key unlock if you get locked out of your car
  • Flat tire change and delivery of spare tire
  • Fuel delivery if out of engine fuel
  • Engine start or power generator if the engine and car battery failed

These are benefits ready for you once you acquire a roadside service. These are everyday needs to be prepared for every vehicle owner. It does not have to meet any accidents before you go and have assistance. 

A minor car problem can occur more than once in a year. A roadside assistance will help you cover and recover from any hump your car meets on the road. One of the best benefits is having a certain and accessible form of help when you are out on a trip. 

You can safely go as far as you like with a team of roadside helpers on your tail. The important thing for you to consider to make sure you get what you pay for is to have a trusted service provider. Work with people who send help fast, safe, and secure. 

If you’re considering roadside assistance for you, try us at Towing Company Indianapolis. We’d be happy to assist you!